Record Questions

If you would like to create your Learning Opportunity Record on your own without using the Record Tools, you can use the following guide to help your record keeping. A Learning Opportunity Record is a way to capture the basic Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of a Learning Opportunity. The person who encounters your Record should be able to get a good overview of what you did, why you did it, and what is left behind as Evidence of Learning. 

1. Use the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How framework to make sure you are capturing all aspects of the Learning Opportunity. 

2. Give your Learning Opportunity a title. Something that gives a quick idea of what it is about. Mountain Gorilla Research  or Duolingo Spanish Fall 2021 or Teaching Myself to Ride a Unicyle

3. Be able to describe your Learning Opportunity in a few sentences. Think of it as if you are describing it to a friend or nosy relative, I read the book Gorillas in the Mist (and watched the movie) and that led me to do further research online to learn about the current state of Mountain Gorillas and their habitat. That research introduced me to a few organizations that are helping preserve and defend the remaining habitats. 

4. WHO was involved in your Learning Opportunity? Were there other learners involved? Was there a teacher or guide? Was there an expert (author, youtuber, scientist?) Is there someone who will provide you feedback or assessment of your Evidence of Learning during this Learning Opportunity?

5. WHAT did you learn or plan to learn? WHAT can include Content like a school subject, or information, facts, ideas, models, etc. (Read more about WHAT :: CONTENT)  WHAT includes Skills like writing, speaking, researching, mechanical skills, etc. (Read more about WHAT :: SKILLS)  WHAT includes Habits that you can develop or practice during a Learning Opportunity like Self-Directed Habits, Competence Habits, etc. (Read more about WHAT :: HABITS) WHAT includes Mindsets that you can use during a Learning Opportunity like a Creative Mindset or an Empirical Mindset (Read more about WHAT :: MINDSETS).

6. HOW did you learn during this Learning Opportunity? HOW can include the Method of learning as in teacher-directed, student-driven, self-paced, etc (Read more about HOW :: METHODS) Or did you learn by Creating Something, Doing Something, or Discovering Something (Read more about HOW :: CREATE, DO, DISCOVER)

7. WHEN did your Learning Opportunity take place? WHEN did it start, WHEN did it end? What were the total number of hours you spent on this Learning Opportunity? (Read more about What does a Credit represent?)

8. WHERE did your Learning Opportunity take place? Was it in a classroom, online, traveling, in the real world?

9. WHY did you decide to participate in this Learning Opportunity? Curiosity, passion, goals, requirements? (Read more about INTRINSIC and EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION)

10. How will the world know that you completed this Learning Opportunity? What are you leaving behind as Evidence of Learning? Evidence could include a Reflection, piece of writing, audio or video product, website, app, photographs, assessments, grade cards, etc. (Read more about EVIDENCE OF LEARNING)