Mini Lesson Zero

An Introduction to the Mini Lessons


  • What problems are the mini lessons solving


The Mini Lessons found in this Field Guide will attempt to give a grounding in the philosophy and methods of what we are doing at

The main problem that we are tackling is as follows:

  1. Traditional school, for whatever reason, doesn't work for you. You are seeking an alternative path that puts you in control of your own learning.
  2. We offer a path at that we call a Learning Journey that gives you a tremendous amount of freedom and flexibility in How you learn, What you learn, Where you learn, When you learn it, Who you learn with, and Why you chose to learn it.
  3. You want to go to college after you graduate.
  4. So ... How can you capture such a non-traditional, unpredictable Learning Journey and communicate it to the college admissions people?

These ten lessons are about helping you understand the way (ideas, philosophies, methods, tools) and putting it to work to capture and record your journey and tell your story to the college admissions teams.

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